Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Positive Actions in “REGRESSION”

Positive Actions in “REGRESSION”
Today there are more people engaged in "what if", "what ain't" and "what is" with "bits and pieces" of "what was". A "virtual reality in complexity" with the lost art of simplicity. The "K I S S" has been replaced with layer upon layer of "LIP SERVICE".

The "rules of the road" have become "paths of opinions". Society in all its "progression" has in so many ways closed as many minds as its opened. "United" has become "Divided". There's more "hope" and "pray" than "commitment" and "purpose". A "picture" is now a "thousand words" in why its not what you see.

Life is just "rosy" if you happen to love "thorns" There comes a time in the history of any society where "regression" has more positive value in how a society can "progress" in the process and recognition of its "roots".

The morning, July 30th year of our Lord 2010, I wrote these words, emailed it to a number of friends. What motivated me in the meaning and purpose is in many ways as simple as A, B, C(see). The biggest single factor in so many is FEAR!

Doubt creates fear, you “fear” as you begin to “doubt” or “question” what is “real”. “Real” to so many in our nation today is merely and no more than the “fear” of what they can “lose” versus “gain” in and thru government as they know it. This “fear” is what “party politics” thrive on in so many ways we are seeing and witnessing everyday.

I submit to you, today’s government is not about you or consoling your “fears”, it’s about politics. What each “party” wants you to believe will change with the election, re-election of whoever, be it Democrat, Republican, Conservative, Moderate or Liberal. You are purposely being misguided, misled, misdirected in the “hope” these elections will in fact calm your “fears” so you can sit back, work or whatever to enjoy life, liberty and pursuit of happiness believing you can keep whatever you value in, from or of government. Nothing is farther from the truth. There is a real solution to your “fears”, however to embrace it you first must remove your fears and at that time it’s up to us to relieve your “doubts” as to it’s validity, purpose and enactment.

In this context, I would very much appreciate if you would “regress” and begin a process of remembering in your thoughts, feelings of life in the 50’s as compared to today.

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