Tuesday, August 31, 2010

TRUTH: America is history as we have known it

Within recent events/circumstances/actions taken and not taken by those in our Federal government, it is beyond any more doubt the United States of America as we have known, loved, fought and died for is history.  Rome is no longer burning, it is ashes left in the path of those who have systematically destroyed and undermined every value we have as citizens believed in and held close in our hearts and minds.

The reality of Truth isn't easy to accept, yet deep inside any and every good soul in our society is a recognition slowly but surely nothing will change in any elections to represent us in Washington D.C.  Those in our seat of power known as the Federal government are the cause, not the cure, for the current state of what once was a nation under God, blessed with opportunity, liberty and freedoms.  The roots of our belief in our Constitution have been slowly but surely eroded to a point of total disregard by Government on both sides of the aisle.  This hasn't happened overnight with just one President, it's a culmination of the efforts and actions taken by many we've known as President.  The Balance of Power established by our Founding Fathers has been lost and forgotten in the name of "party politics" and agendas.  This is no more evident than today as we watch the actions of our Executive, Juidicial and Legislative branches of government.  The words "these truths we hold self evident" have never rang so clear as they are within what we now see, should know and realize.

Even Glenn Beck sees it, feels it, knows it and in such he said recently in so many words, "We as a Nation will have to sacrifice much in the same way of our Founding Fathers in a manner the likes of which we have never known."

Let's look at these facts and they are very much facts:
We have learned the Federal Reserve's contract is due to expire soon unless it's re-ratified.  However when we look at the amount of our Nation's debt combined with the amount of U.S. Dollars already printed and in circulation the Federal Reserve has in fact done it's job in totally undermining our economy.  No action now taken by the Federal Reserve to lower interest rates is an option to stop or thwart what will soon be hyperinflation beginning within months not years.  This will further put more pressure on any potential economic recovery and cause less production, higher unemployment while interest rates go thru the roof along with the costs of goods and products with no rise in individual earnings and disposable income.  In fact, people will face more taxes, more costs for healthcare and any so called "social benefits".  Simply put, the Federal government will have no option and even what they attempt in righting the ship is doomed in light of the massive costs associated with the interest on debt, sustaining or even maintaining the costs of welfare, medicare, medicaid, unemployment.  Not to mention the ever increasing costs of government itself with the historical fact government is inefficient and incapable of managing anything.  Even in the event government did come to grips with reality, it would take literally decades to remotely begin to stabilize the economy.  There is no hope for a war to ressurect productivity this time around because we don't have the ability either economically or in any form to effectively unite in what it takes to fight an enemy within our country much less elsewhere.  We are in fact as helpless as any Nation could ever be in terms of "United".

Barnake recently all but admitted this even though it was more in the form of a signal when he stated this:
"I believe, the most plausible outcome, macroeconomic projections are inherently uncertain, and the economy remains vulnerable to unexpected developments. The Federal Reserve is already supporting the economic recovery by maintaining an extraordinarily accommodative monetary policy, using multiple tools."  These "unexpected developments" are not as unexpected as he seems to want to explain.  Also, although financial markets reacted somewhat positively by the tone of his words rather than the substance within the words.  There is nothing economically positive facing our nation today and the real question, who is the Federal Reserve "extraordinarily accommmodating"?.  As I stated earlier, taxes have to go up in order to meet ever increasing costs of government.  China has become the key to the vault of any recovery plan the Federal Reserve could possibly make in light of global economic power.  Big corporations and those involved closely in terms of "globalization" already have established a foothold and ties to China and they are riding the hope China doesn't renege or change the playing field.  Based on what we've seen as of late, China has their own idea and they are doing anything but any appearance of care about continuing any support of the U.S. Dollar or our economy.  The Yaun is and has become stronger than the U.S. Dollar, however in the process Bernake and his group of "good ole boy" bandits are set to capitalize very nicely with the collapse of our economy with or without China.  They have simply bet on those "unexpected developments" and already converted their Dollars to Yaun thereby assuring their own profit while our Nation struggles thru the worst economic disaster since it was formed and that includes the "great depression".

I'm not even going into the ridiculous actions of our State Department under Hillary Clinton in placing the United Nations in the mix as a judicial authority in regard to Arizona and it's "sovereignty".  That's so blatantly unConstitutional it's laughable.

If we really want a solution we have one but we better wakeup soon and it isn't in electing more legislative types to serve "we the people" in Washington D.C.  We should very well recognize that is the home of our problem and we bought and paid for the HOUSE!

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