Sunday, August 8, 2010

Common Sense Solutions for the Common Good over Political Rhetoric

Nothing is simple, especially when it comes to what most refer to as "federal" government. To properly address, solve any problem it first requires a basic foundation, premise, purpose for the "common good". Our foundation for government is the Constitution, Bill of Rights, albeit this is under attack and for the most part it's the Federal government attacking it.
 I happen to believe “less” government makes for less issues/problems we face as citizens. Therefore let’s talk solutions!

What was our Foundation, Premise and Purpose?
If you believe in the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights and it was the foundation for the establishment of a democratic, freedom loving society based on the premise amendments can be changed, altered or made to have no force or effect per what we know and recognize as contained and written within. The purpose in our Constitution was a foundation and premise for which “we the people” could stand by/on, believe in and support as citizens to guide the actions of government. The intent was a government of, for and by the people recognized as “citizens“ within the society.

Thru the years much as changed in our society in terms of size of government, number of people within our society coupled with technological advancements in communication, global/domestic awareness thru media, social networks, etc. We are literally bombarded with information. Just as many have used, abused this as have benefited in this age of instant communication. The reality is we have become as complex as the problems/issues we face daily in our lives. Previously I wrote several thoughts for your consideration in ways addressing our dilemma and hopefully of mutual concern. In doing this my primary purpose was to address in some ways in a form of enlightenment and awareness leading up to a real and probable solution. In that same regard I submit the following:

Preamble to set the stage: Let’s address one issue/problem at the forefront in most of your awareness today and that’s referred to as “illegal aliens” and a possible solution to the problem. As we know some States such as Arizona and a few others have challenged the “Federal” government on the basis of State “sovereignty” under the Constitution to pass a law to protect its citizens. They decided to take this course of action due to “lack of support” in actions by, of and thru the “Federal” government to recognize, help and support their problem. Subsequently the “Federal” government has in effect ignored the Constitution and challenged the State of Arizona as to it’s validity and viability. This obviously raises the question of why or what would motivate such an action on the part of the “Federal” government much less at a time both “Federal” and “State governments can ill afford the cost of such actions. Not only are the respective governments broke but apparently so is the “system” of government within Constitutional boundaries.

Simple solution and one I’d suggest as a foundation to returning to the premise, purpose and intent of Constitutional government:

If in whatever manner any person not recognized as a “legal citizen”, as defined in the sovereignty of “territory of jurisdiction” meaning the “county/parish” of domicile, in violation of the laws have 30 days to vacate the premises peacefully (Bear in mind, they somehow got here so they can somehow get back to where they came from). This with one exception defined as follows: If said person has been in the defined “territory of jurisdiction” for a minimum of 3 years, been a productive/law abiding member in the society/community therein, said person is allowed 5 days to report and register with the County/Parish Clerks office to request a hearing toward becoming a “legal” citizen under the jurisdiction and ruling by and of the County/Parish Judge. In such case, the citizens in the local communities within each County/Parish can present to the Court as witnesses for and to the reason, validity, viability of said person and their immediate family defined as spouse and any children under 18 years of age.

In summation: There are good people, who can and have worked to improve their lives for themselves and their families without injuring, hurting, harming anyone. They are in many ways a needed backbone in our society as productive members. However, in the process of this, we as citizens need to recognize it's not what you get from government, it's what you contribute in the form of productivity. Those within our society who only use/take government handouts/benefits are just as costly to any society. Obviously that doesn't mean the aged, handicapped or those in real need. However, I also submit the recipients of any Federal, State benefits should be decided by, under and thru the same jurisdictional authority within the County/Parish of domicile and NOT on the Federal or State level. We therefore reduce the size of government and in the process put the responsibility/accountability in the hands of the people who know, recognize and live with those who really need, deserve help. In what we save in the cost of government within the size and scope of agencies/departments to effectively and efficiently perform coupled with needed changes to revitalize our economic base. There are many ways to slice an apple and still enjoy Mom’s apple pie and I will continue to work toward that end with other common sense approaches over what we now know and see as government. Those who enjoy the benefits of big government and government control will oppose this and any other actions that disrupt their position and/or agenda in self interest over the “common good”.

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