Friday, August 13, 2010

What's "Common", the good, bad and the ugly

The only "climate" we need to change is government. Daryl Royal once said, "we need to stay with what brung us".

The men who fought and died to form and found this great nation had 4 things in "common". Common sense for the common good in the common word as written in the Constitution in their common love, respect and belief in the principles of and in being "one nation under God".

Today what we see, know and have come to recognize as government also has 4 things in common. Common greed(power, position, corruption) in their common need(party politics, self interest) and desire to strip the common folks(freedoms, liberties) of their common good and do it in the name of "progress".

Today and in recent memory, we have been GOREd, BUSHwhacked and now OBAMbArded. The only thing that changes are the names and faces as our nation becomes "history" in the "ashes" of mankind. "

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