Monday, December 27, 2010

When Truth Remains Unacceptable!

Most of us, as Americans who truly are concerned about the state of our country, have heard and seen in any number of ways by and thru people with no reason or motive to lie in regard to events so catastrophic, evil and corrupt we simply cannot accept them as truth.  To do so is hitting at the very heart and soul of what we want to believe, know and feel in being an American.  Everything so many have fought, died and sacrificed to preserve makes it not only unacceptable but down right ludicrous for us to fathom the nation we love can be guided by such evil men and women in such a manner as to hide or keep us from acting or pretending we aren't that nation.  The truth is we are that nation of people being led by a misguided missle of power, greed, devastation, evil and corruption in, by and thru the hands of a few we just cannot believe or ever accept would or could ever be or do such harm to its citizens.

I have appealed and stated so many times we must WAKE UP TO TRUTH, ACCEPT IT and WHEN WE EVER DO WE WILL BE WHAT WE ARE with all the good common decency of our FOUNDING FATHERS.  Therefore, once again, I ask you to view this video, open your mind and your heart to the reality of TRUTH and albeit it's somewhat lengthy please take the time to listen to it in its entirety as it may well be soon when you will no longer just hear it, YOU WILL BE COMPLACENT and COMPLICIT in LIVING and ALLOWING IT to continue!

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