Monday, December 20, 2010


Passing like stars in the night, some dim, some bright
feel’n your warm caress, kiss’n my soul in tender bliss
no promises in our heart, yet knowing we’ll never part
feel’n the heavens in our love, sent to us from up above
alive, rare without care, adrift in the love, joy we share
words of love on our lips, the soft touch of our fingertips

Some you love, feel their passion, energy and strength
An endless uplifting wave, no time, no space, no length
wild, free, hot, out of control, limbs a raging forest of fire
heat of passion caught up in the moment, endless desire

You’ll never ever be alone, hearts engaged in love’n waves
love and life, feel’n, care’n, share’n, unconditional always
No chains, no barriers, no limits, no boundaries to behold
faint hearted attempts to surround our mind, body or soul

These are the moments we always remember and cherish
A burning ember of love always glowing, never to perish
dawning of a new day brings another sunrise in our smile
each moment a stride we take in making it all worthwhile

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