Saturday, December 11, 2010

Poetic Pause!

Heavenly Life
I am a man, this I be, sometimes lost, sometimes free
Life isn’t living without a care, is it not why we share
Like others, I have limits, don’t always count the minutes
wasting time sometimes in vain yet it helps keep me sane
Looking back is to no avail, that is for a wishing well
But memories of those I love fill my senses for God above
Age is a process I have come to know, the reason why I grow
To many I should have regrets but isn’t life the way to test
Why love unconditional is rare but best if I just say I’m blessed
Now I sit in the twilight of my years, no doubt, no fears
Knowing God above will look upon all I’ve reaped and sewn
As if he touches my soul saying words of praise for my days
On earth will be done when he says to me, my Son
Come now with me and you will find eternal peace of mind
A soul will never weary be as long as he takes a path with me
Your life led you to many trails just as I don’t count the nails
Pain isn’t because life is easy tho at times you act so breezy
Others might see what’s inside but from me you can’t hide
feelings you have with love come from me for do you not see
The boy in you is the man in me so live my Son and you will be
Never lost, always free, heart and soul a part of ME
Never to die but lie in my arms high in love of heaven above

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