Saturday, September 4, 2010

A real Call to "Duty", "Honor" and "Country"

Folks and especially those who love this Nation, have and are serving our country in the military:

We've come to know our country is no where close to the Republic it once was in our hearts and minds.  Many have stated, including me, for quite a number of years the Globalist, Socialist, Marxist have all targeted the very foundation of our nation to destroy it's economic viability, the spirit of our people and the Constitution on which it has stood for generations.

The real concern I have had, among numerous others, is how can the good people who share so much in common can't seem to unite in a single, absolute and necessary purpose to stop all this nonsense we know as our Federal government and those using it for their own agenda.

In recent days 2 very significant events have unfolded and become known to those who really pay attention other than thru mainstream media.  These two events absolutely establish the truth and the fact we are on our last stand in thwarting the flagrant disregard for our citizens, our military and the future of our children.  If this doesn't wake you up then you can quit calling yourself a true Patriot and sit back, gripe, moan, complain till the cows come home about who and whatever else those in the media, on social networks or reading emails from the wild blue yonder have allowed you to know and see.

Now you go look for yourself and after you read and absorb it, if you don't absolutely recognize no other actions have ever shed the light on the real enemy to our nation and we best take effective actions quickly and swiftly then shutup cause your problem is you can't see, do, be anything but a couch potato as opposed to being of any real help in stopping this aside from what you feel will change in upcoming elections.  Simply put, our real enemy is and has been inside our nation, not outside, it's those in Washington D.C. and those trying to get there and nothing, and I mean nothing, will change when they do!
A new Global currency reccommended by the IMF:

Add to this what Bankers with strong ties to the Federal Reserve have been doing for years:

Now, let's look at just who retired General Tom McInerney is and in the process of recognizing he has been very much accurate in his assessment of Russia and China in helping Iran even in ways not exactly covert:

Why is General McInerney willing to defend the "rights" and "reasons" of Lt. Col Lakin in his actions not to follow the orders of the current Commander in Chief, Obama, and in so doing require or in this case "request" Military Judge Lind to allow "presentation and witnesses" in his defense in a "military court of law" in order to establish the current President of the United States is "rightfully" or "wrongfully" eligible to command.  Are both Lt. Col Lakin and General McInerney what those in the liberal media want you to believe or is this like so many other events we've seen unfold just another blatant attempt to hide the truth in continuing to allow this man and his cohorts run rampant over any semblence or resemblance of our Constitution.  How can anyone who has served or is serving our nation and taken an "oath" to uphold and defend it from all enemies "foreign" or "domestic" feel anything remotely is justified by the decision of Judge Lind in not allowing such evidence?  Mainstream media and the pundits of liberal progression want everyone to believe a copy of an Hawaiian brith certificate is proof yet so much has been brought forward to question the validity of it, why is this not honestly, openly and factually being addressed?  If you really believe this then you also must believe every action within the current administration and the Department of Justice is Constitutional in spite of repeated actions in doing exactly the opposite!

So to all of you, regardless of your being what you consider Conservative, Republican, Democrat, Liberal or Independent and Moderate, is this all just coincidence, happenstance with no thought or consideration with an open mind that something is very amiss.  Is there really any less reason to believe there is and have been events/actions in our not too distant past that are beyond any "reasonable" questioning as to motivation or purpose.  Is it coincidence every President elected in our history who fought and desired an end to the Federal Reserve are dead and some in circumstances as strange as any movie ever scripted and as recently as those surrounding the death of John F. Kennedy?

There are those who can question me, can question much in what I've seen, known, witnessed in the course of my life but any depth of meaning and purpose is within each of you.  If you don't question it now amid all that is and has transpired you best just keep hoping and praying it will all go away or somehow come back to normal in the sense of what you've so much wanted to feel and believe.  Real truth is often hiden beneath the images of perception and they can be as deceiving as they are dangerous in believing!

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