Monday, September 13, 2010

Governments are "corporations"

In studying, researching the foundations for governance and governments, many were and are “corporations”. These “corporations” may or may not have established “rules” as guidelines to be followed by those who govern. In the case of our United States government this is what we know as our Constitution. Therefore, the Constitution is only worth, recognized and empowered by those in the seat of government, not by “we the people” as we are in so many ways programmed to believe.

Government and the agencies within and of government are no more than extensions of the “corporation”. Departments and Agencies such as the “Federal Reserve”, “Internal Revenue Service”, for example are in the files of Dun and Bradstreet as “corporate entities”. So the question is why and the answer, because they are. These entities in order to do business in any “State” within the “United States” are therefore required to be recognized and registered with the respective Secretary of State’s office and a matter of “public record”.

“We the people” accordingly are required as a necessity for “government” to enter “contracts” when signed and executed by you as a “citizen” effectively bind you in “acknowledgment” of government authority. Examples are your “social security card”, “drivers license”, etc. Each and every time you comply with what you are led to believe and feel by signing any document to obtain, grant or utilize something in or of government you are doing nothing more than giving them control of your life.

I also fully understand, appreciate why this is so difficult to grasp as we have thru our actions unknowingly given our rights as citizens to those we feel are “representing” us. It’s not just you either, many in politics as politicians are just as caught up in this belief. We are systematically programmed from the time we are born by government, educators, our parents and so many others who influence our actions in what we feel is or as “conforming” in the sense of being a “good citizen”.

Now the question becomes, if you have taken the time or opened your mind to even try and grasp it, how can we change it? I happen to believe we can but it starts within your real concern and understanding over being swept away in an ocean of issues, events, circumstances and situations with one purpose which is to keep your attention and focus away from any solution to government other than voting as a way and means to real change! Far too many are preoccupied in and with money in the form of donations to organizations, groups, political parties or resting in the hope by either sitting back or not doing anything will in fact change their lives for the betterment of the “common good”, themselves, their children and generations to come!

God bless us!

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