Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mind, Body and Soul

My question today is within my feelings as I watch each of us somehow pursue happiness. Is it not in some form or manner in how, what and why we become absorbed with or in others who may or may not influence our actions but do attract our attention. So the question becomes: Has mind, body and soul been reduced in & of the "art of seduction" or "enlightened in the "pursuit of truth"?

Seduction can and does take many forms. We see and hear this every day of our lives in media, advertising, from Wall Street to Main Street, religion to politics, art to books, donate to detonate, a world of self interest being indulged and engulfed in every “sense” in influencing “human behavior”. This is, by design, to raise passion and emotion within those who can and do identify in some way with their message so they will act in accordance with their feelings. Create “passion” thru “emotion” and you get “action”.

In order to delve into this in a way each of us have had, in some way, experienced the “reality” allow me to use the “art” of flirtation within the context of “courting” as it relates to “relationship” and “human behavior”. The initial form of any relationship begins with “contact”. Some form of communication in a personal sense or thru some other means such as social networks as long as it has one necessary factor and that’s instant communication. This is the basis for “action” and “reaction”. This creates “attraction”, it can be as simple as it appears or in some form an “arousing” of “curiosity” to learn, give, explore, digest, comprehend, understand another for whatever “cause, reason or desire”. Whatever it is, it has to be of your self interest or it is no longer something you care to indulge or engage in toward establishing a relationship.
This leads to “intimacy”, what depth one desires in another to create a relationship that has some basis of being “mutually” rewarding. So to paraphrase what anyone, regardless of gender, would want to know and feel lies in the “depth of mutual gratification or some form of satisfaction”: Is it love or lust? The answer lies within the motivation of mutual desire to the point of satisfaction or hopefully in the gratification in enhancing your well being.

Therefore, is it any less important to your well being that you don’t act on or with anyone or anything until you know and feel exactly what you want or desire from the relationship? The “truth” lies in the “moment” you realize it’s not what you “expect” in a relationship but what you will “accept” in, thru and of it!

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