Monday, September 20, 2010

I'm a Texian, are YOU?

Regarding the actions of government under this or previous administrations, one fact is certainly apparent and that's the Federal government is broke, the system is broken.

When the likes of Hillary Clinton, Alan Greenspan, Henry Kissinger are now publicly stating it in some form or other and realizing they played a role, it says about all anyone needs to know in so far as the U.S. economy and its financial well being.  All the moaning, groaning, complaining and blaming does not change the simple fact the United States government can NOT and is NOT capable of sustaining or even maintaining the ability to operate and function without a viable economic base to support it.  When any individual or entity has debts at 90% of their Gross National Product (in terms of what we would refer to as an individuals productive value), it can NOT survive.  It simply has to have an acceptable and real value base in the form of money(currency) and the printing press of the Federal Reserve is now without value to support its ability to keep printing U.S. currency.  As Bernanke(head of the Federal Reserve) recently stated in his latest speech, "we are in uncharted waters" and although he did make a valiant effort in the tone of his speech to ease the anxiety of Wall Street and financial world markets there was no substance to truly and realistically support it.  It's simply smoke and mirrors in the shadows of what we once called government.  Consequently gold prices are at an all time high and going up, not down, because so many recognize the U.S. dollar is in the tank and sinking faster than the Titanic.  As anyone can plainly see the center and seat of our government we know as Washington D.C. has failed and with the upcoming November elections many Americans are hoping it will change but the reality is the faces in government may change but the face of government can and will NOT because it's broke.

As Texans, fortunately we do have an option because of 2 reasons.  Many, especially those who live off of or are currently in our State government, will argue or attempt to discredit it to make you believe or question its validity but the facts don't support their basis.  The fact is the Republic of Texas is and never has been a part of the United States, it was annexed, not by "treaty" under "international law", therefore it is still alive and well as and in its "sovereignty" as a Nation, not a State.  All that's needed now is for every citizen of Texas to declare it by joining it and then it does once again have the recognition and authority as the government of and for Texas.  Any government is empowered by the people who join, support and recognize it and in so doing those who govern will act in accordance to the will, commitment, purpose for "we the people" under God for the "common good".

The second reason is we do have a viable economy with the resources/assets within our own border and as soon as we restore our status as the Republic, the sooner we will once again be out from under the indebtedness the United States government has created.  We don't owe them, they owe us.  Why do we needlessly wallow in the corruption and abuse of a government that has in every way possible brought about its own demise and much of that was due to a "two party" system that was more concerned with their respective party than the people they supposedly represent.  We can do this and as soon as all of us, including those who are currently in our State government join in, we can and will once again have a government we can be proud of and worth supporting for us, our children, families and friends we call Texans.

One more point, this is to each of you in whatever State your residing.  How can any thing the Republic of Texas can or does effect me, my family, friends in my State?  To you I offer this, as soon as the Republic of Texas is recognized as the acting government it will profoundly effect each State within the United States.  Therefore how each respective State chooses to act in accordance with their "sovereignty" in and as part of the United States is a matter of how they declare it under their rights within the 10th Amendment.  What we all wish to avoid is any form of armed revolution against any citizens or government in the United States.  We all love and value what the United States has been and meant to our lives, our forefathers, our military men/women who have and are serving our country as well as those in law enforcement or in other forms of serving and protecting our citizens.  This action is not one aimed at destroying peace, it is one aimed at restoring peace and in the process at some point in time restoring the respect, care, concern, honor and integrity of government under God united in common purpose in serving the "common good".

God blessed Texas and God blesses us as Texans when we are Texians at a time every patriotic soul in America needs us to act.

If you have any questions or need me to answer any concerns you may have simply email me at and put in the subject line Republic of Texas.

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