Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Has being a "good citizen" perpetuated a fraud?

Has being a “good citizen” perpetuated a fraud?
I’m going to address this question within the root of and in why each of us have felt we are “good citizens” when we are good Americans who have been taught to believe in our system of government within and on the Constitution in which it stands. Most still believe it as “one nation under God”, “who hold these truths to be self evident” with “liberty and justice for all”. Therefore we, or some, as “good citizens” have and are serving our country in many ways within the love, concern, respect we hold and value in our hearts and minds for and as Americans.
Today there are so many truly and genuinely “Patriotic” souls holding on to all America has meant to and in their lives since birth. They are and do wave the “flag of Ole Glory” with pride, purpose and meaning so deeply ingrained in what they have known as and in being an American. So the real question today, which has stirred the heart and soul of so many Americans in watching and awareness of actions so demoralizing, demeaning and demanding in the way those in the seat of government are destroying the very “fabric” the United States of America was founded, comes down to how and what can be done to change it?

There is not one living soul that I’m aware of who has spent any more hours in concern, care, love, desire, hoping, wishing, praying than yours truly that somehow, someway we could right the ship before it sinks in eternal history. There are many who have and are still working passionately in any and every possible or optimistically probable way within the same desire. I started out with the same message with as much passion, fight, energy the good Lord would give me in the same pursuit. In that pursuit and because I have so much faith and trust in God to keep my mind, heart open in the form of doors or paths I fully believe and trust, he once again showed and guided me out of the darkness into the light of reality and “truth”. That “truth” lies in the quotes noted in the first paragraph.

“One Nation under God” - answer, no we are and have become one nation under government, not God.

“who hold these truths to be self evident” - answer, these “truths” in what we know and see in government are very self evident in how they are “self serving”.

“liberty and justice for all” - answer, government has taken our liberties and called it justice for all.

In this context is why I fully believe God left a door open in the form of the “Republic of Texas” and the reason it was never allowed to be swallowed up in the motivations of men/women in positions of power for self interest over the “common good” for his people under the “common” law of mankind. Government has perpetuated a “fraud” since it lost its way in “God We Trust”!

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