Thursday, September 9, 2010

The reality of "Truth" in "Trust"

Trust is the foundation to any relationship.  Can anyone "believe" what, how or who they don't or can't trust?  A "reality" in todays times is in the confusion within the maze of information, people and the "basic question" of - can one "trust" what they want to "believe".  "Trust" is in ones "heart", the "mind" embraces it but often can get lost in the maze of confusion in what's the reality of "truth".  Without "trust" all else becomes irrelevant, no foundation in any relationship can survive without it!

God said I'm the "truth and the light", what he gave us is the "switch" to know who, what & how to find it!  Trust isn't formed in ones words as a "given", it's "earned" in the "actions" that stand behind the words!  Good leadership rests in the "reality of truth", good "following" rests in the same reality!  As so often the case in politics, it's not what you see, it's what you don't see, main stream media is not in the business of searching for truth! 

Therefore it's incumbent on each of us to search as deeply and in every way possible into the "real truth" behind the words of those in positions of power within our governing bodies.  In some ways, each of us have done that to some extent in any and every relationship especially those who have a direct impact on our lives.  This is our responsibility to our children, their future so it's no less serious than any concern for their health and well being.

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