Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fear and Doubt

This is an excerpt from a book I wrote and thought I would share it. No, I have never published the book which I titled "HI".

Fear and Doubt
“Fear not thou art with me”. Have you ever felt those words in your heart? I felt those words in a poem I wrote as it flowed through my fingertips. We aren’t born with fear or doubt. If you don’t see this then watch a child and why we say NO so many times it almost scares us watching what a child will get into as they start testing their ability to move and find things. In a way, we create fear and doubt in a child because we know they need to learn what can hurt them. What started of the MIND as we learn can just as easily become a FEELING in our BEING. FEAR and DOUBT are very, very significant barriers to how one FEELS and grows in their HEART. These FEELINGS so often become of the MIND to protect our HEART but we “think” we FEEL it in our HEART. FEAR and DOUBT are NOT feelings in our HEART. These are negative FEELINGS and when you begin to allow FEAR and DOUBT to enter your MIND you subconsciously begin a process that is one of the most difficult to ever remove in what one “thinks” they FEEL in their HEART. So many truly believe and will tell you I don’t fear or doubt any FEELINGS in my HEART. They may say I know this because I FEEL so much LOVE in my HEART for others and I don’t FEAR or DOUBT it. This is TRUTH and it is HONEST in the truth as they know and FEEL it. We know these people and they are beautiful in every sense of the word. All of us question and if our questions are of the MIND in what we do to perform or make decisions in work, business or whatever else, we accomplish these best without FEAR. We EXPLORE possibilities and options critical to what we FEEL to succeed or be successful. When you do this, are you attempting to remove any FEAR or DOUBT? If the answer is NO, then you have no barrier to success. Your HEART and MIND are clear, open and in harmony with your BEING. You had no expectations yet you explored options in a positive manner to FEEL a situation, person or whatever you were questioning. Many people harbor FEAR and DOUBT and just as many use it to manipulate others. Not realizing how it is restricting their very BEING even when they FEEL LOVE. This FEAR and DOUBT may have formed as a protection during their early childhood. Parents, teachers, friends and relatives can and do cause FEAR and DOUBT when they impose negative FEELINGS on children. This occurs in so many ways and just as often very innocently. When it hits hard at a child’s self esteem, dreams, hopes, desires, passion, purpose it causes questions in their BEING of WHO AM I? As adults this FEELING is part of their BEING and they carry this baggage of “WHO AM I?” in every aspect of their life. This FEAR and DOUBT is so formed in FEELINGS of their MIND it is relentless in holding them from ever being truly happy and content as human BEINGS.

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