Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mind if this ole Texan rants a bit, hope not cause it's in my upbring'n!

Unfortunately and due in great part to a generation, of which I am one, that has allowed our government and political parties to become a quagmire of self/special interest with little or no regard for our future generations. Politics has become a world of compromise, deception, misperception, misdirection, power and greed. Somewhere along the way, the promises, the hopes, the dreams of so many politically motivated men and women lost the meaning of some very powerful words which were the foundation of this great country. “Trust”, “Faith”, “Duty”, “Honor”, “Country”. Many use these words but just as many abuse these words. The very freedoms we hold dear have become a politically rhetorical launching pad for every cause, event or circumstance. So many issues of great concern to the majority of American citizens today are resting in the hands of men and women in the legislative, judicial and executive branches of our government unresolved due to political nonsense over common sense.
I believe if we as a Nation remember and follow the words of our founding Fathers as written in the Constitution, one Nation unto God, restore our commitment and resolve to be responsible and accountable as citizens, political or otherwise. Identify, prioritize and address the issues and hopefully elect people who will work to restore the integrity, purpose and commitment necessary to resolve the many problems facing our country. The problems are almost as numerous as the size of our government and when we begin a process of reducing government we will begin reducing our problems.
For those of you interested enough to read on, I’m going to elaborate on some of the historical decisions/events which I personally believe have led us to our current state of affairs. Since I was born in 1942 our country has managed to survive a World War, conflicts (Korea & Vietnam) and innumerable operations (overt and covert) in many parts of the world. World War 2 did much to unite our country and inspired Americans and our economy leading us to become the most industrialized nation in the world. In the mid to late 50’s we enjoyed a balanced budget and we based our currency on the gold standard. Television had become an interesting phenomenon in our society. The mafia had established a gambling glittery Mecca known as Las Vegas. Democrats in the south were by in large conservative. Our military minds were at odds with then President Harry Truman thus the election of General Dwight David Eisenhower in 1956. During this time much of our current political climate was forming as was the use of television in advertising. Image and perception were becoming reality to many who were previously influenced by voices on the radio, newspaper columnists, movies and more importantly parents and teachers. Our society was changing as fast as those who could influence the Washington bureaucracy. It was an era in which most mainstream Americans had some trust in their lawyer, banker, minister and to a great degree their elected officials. Men and women worked but most families didn’t have both parents working to make a living. If they did it was an option not as much a necessity. Nearly all Americans were aware of varying causes or concerns such as civil/equal rights, labor unions, communism and the threat of nuclear war. The CIA and the FBI, along with a number of military intelligence organizations were our primary deterrents to protect our national interests. One noteworthy point was Eisenhower’s appointment of Earl Warren to the United States Supreme Court. Eisenhower was advised to agree to appoint Warren in order to get elected. This decision was probably the most troubling one he ever faced after being elected. Our economy seemed to be sound, plenty of jobs, new products, goods and services going into the 60’s. Today as we look back, hindsight 20/20, there were many situations either developing or developed through political persuasion. Government subsidies, media campaigns to heighten, enlighten or frighten public awareness in a direction of varying self interest groups. The election of John F. Kennedy in 1960 was a strong indication of changing times. Not only the youngest President ever elected, he was the first Catholic ever elected President. JFK, along with his brother Bobby as United States Attorney General, began to make some of the older established political allies nervous. LBJ wasn’t one to ever be under the influence of a Kennedy nor were many of his colleagues and constituents in the halls of the Senate, Congress and Judicial departments within our government. I will always believe JFK would have made a difference had it not been for some of his brothers actions as Attorney General and LBJ as Vice-President. I also don’t believe LBJ would have ever achieved Presidential office had it not been for JFK’s death. Those circumstances have been widely reviewed, studied and discussed and no one can dispute the mystery surrounding that event. The Warren Commission was a joke but it was absolutely necessary to quickly thwart any efforts that could undermine the highest office in our country. Subsequent to LBJ taking over as President, he began a series of legislation and actions unparalleled in our nation’s history. To fund the Vietnam war and LBJ’s so called “Great Society” the Social Security Trust fund was placed in the General fund. We came off the gold standard to enable our Treasury to print more money. For the first time since Roosevelt, a President was totally influencing all branches of government. LBJ appeared to the poor and downtrodden as some sort of savior with more give away programs than we had money. Since he had created such public dissention with the escalation of the Vietnam war he felt compelled to go down in history as a great President. Robert McNamara, Secretary of Defense, was a master at deceptive economics. Bill Moyers was an established liberal and effectively working social reform and communication as White House Press Secretary. LBJ was a master politician surrounded by capable people believing in his ideals or at the very least using them. Anyone who viewed LBJ’s public announcement that he wouldn’t seek another term of office knew this was a beaten man. His legacy is one of creating public political distrust, abuse of power and laying the groundwork for big government spending without accountability. A politically motivated abyss was formed between government and the people. The desire for “Political Party Gain” became the rule of government over the need for effective and efficient management. This continues today as it did thru the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.
A few questions in which I am continually amazed how these people stay on the forefront of our political and social stage:
Ted Kennedy, an icon in the U.S. Senate. Surely anyone aware of this man’s character in the Chappaquiddick incident resulting in the death of Mary Jo Kopechne wouldn’t give him the time of day much less elect him to represent you.
Reverend Jesse Jackson, political activist. His main career throughout his life has and is to keep blacks and whites stirred up over anything he can using the race card. He has done far more harm than good to the real needs, causes, growth, self esteem and integrity of black people in this country.
Now we have our first black President, Barrack Hussein Obama, An eloquent and effective speaker with some questionable ability in his associations and a few nominations. During his relatively short political career he appears to be once again more interested in “party gain”, promotion of helping those who best serve and can keep the Democratic Party in power. The real question to most true middle class American tax payers is how do we pay for all the abuse, greed, inefficiency, corruption, unaccountability and a monumental amount of money being printed without any basis for value. Anyone who truly believes government can and will manage anything cost effectively is living in the dark ages.
But what do I know!
God bless US!

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