Thursday, April 23, 2009

OK is this HUMOR or just HUMOR ME?

Well I am Texan and when I wrote this I'm not sure I was humor'n myself or just say'n YES Ma'am!

Bossy Women make Good Husbands
And verse visa
We all know what sometimes starts as a joke can make cents outta dollars.
Now what’s in this book is some of whatcha might call EXperience. Yep with a big ole EX too! My definition is “when ya git what ya weren’t after“ chalk that one up to EXperience, it’s definitely that too. Now this collaboration in cohabitation might not be for all parties unconcern’d but a few with enuff concern so we can get on with whatever, whenever and our whomever without any common MISSconceptions. Short of being some kind of magician this can be some trick too! Today in our so called society of social bliss, we have more folks, ways, means and information about relationships than in the history of mankind or I like to say WOmankind! Our dipsy’s can have more doodles than bugs in our rug burns. No longer are the seeds of relational bliss planted in just I do’s we have some major I don’ts, wont’s, ain’ts and can’ts.
I’m certainly not going to say I will ever totally understand women. Any man thinks he does has to be deaf, dumb, blind or about as real as a Stephen Speilberg movie. What we do is adapt, accept or at best grin and bare it. The baring it is the easy part if all we had to do was stay naked but that just ain’t happening. Somewhere tween those moments of desire, lust, love, fun, frolic and fondle’n lies the real nature of women. They don’t just want sex they want sensitivity, softness, caring, security, affection and more attention than most men could hold during their favorite past time. Women are just downright demanding as if their mothers weren’t enough. Most women truly believe they are smarter than men and I’m one that can resemble that remark. Sure we love’em, kiss’em, hug’em and squeeze’em in the hope that’s what it takes to keep’em smile’n. More often than not we are reminded of the exact day and time we first met, held hands, kissed and Lord only knows what else that’s seemingly important to them but about as important to us as what Bill is in a Congressional Subcommittee. We really don’t care, much less remember, but when we don’t know the answer we might as well have started WW111 cause all hell can break loose and we haven’t a clue why or what’s such a big deal. I think I know why and it’s because they want us to feel dumb, make ya sit back and think just so they know they are working some brain matter they really don’t believe exists. We, of course maybe not soon enough, make sure we do some’n to appease our self inflicted sense of humor’n em. So we go get’em flowers, some form of jewelry or whatever we believe gets us out of this doghouse of guilt for some’n we will never understand much less comprehend. Pavlov’s dog couldn’t be reduced from a bite to a bark any faster than a woman gains control of our minds, course she’ll say what MIND?

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