Saturday, April 25, 2009

Some sayings of mine my friends say I need to share

The true essence of life is how those you love remember you!

If you live life in the fast lane, don’t look back!

God blessed everyone with a gift, what you gain is in how you give it!

If God hadn’t intended man to fish he wouldn’t have made earth 2/3rds water.

If a plane has to have the right attitude to achieve lift, don’t people?

Experience is when ya get what ya weren’t after!

Being naked must mean your honestly open minded!

Be surprised how many men feel love and lust are just a matter of inches!

I have never yet met a mirror I liked!

Chinese tell us we are like the animal of our birth sign, no wonder people tell me Whoa when I’m in gittyup!

When a true friend kicks you in the behind it’s to give you a lift!

You know your skinny when you have to move around in the shower to get wet!

Women know men better than men know women? Oh no they don‘t, we wouldn’t give birth to more than one child!

Pain must be a condition of mind over matter, if we don’t mind it don’t matter!

Difference between a Politician and a Con Artist is a prison term!

Why don’t they ever call it a Divorce Ceremony?

How come we see some of the fattest people in line for food stamps?

I never drink anything that says Diet, the first 3 letters tells ya all ya need to know!

It’s because of those that tell ya to walk a mile in my shoes, I wear boots!

Lots of folks wonder what makes a cowhand tick, Cowhands just wanna get rid of’em!

Men like golf cause they can play with their balls and not get funny looks!

Texans don’t have an accent, we have a drawl!

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