Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Times you want to be wrong

As we watch the news, unfolding events and overall actions in the new administration of Obama, our U. S. House of Representatives and Senate, it now appears many of us weren’t wrong about our concerns with what the next 4 years will do to further worsen our country. Our economy is in shambles
, our taxpayers overburdened and frustrated, our security endangered and our future on the brink of total disaster and/or rebellion.

I’m not a party person(Democrat/Republican) but I am a conservative/strict Constitutionalist/Christian and I have always tried to vote for the person I felt was best for the job/citizens/country. Most of the time my vote is based more on a vote against rather than for someone. When one I vote for doesn’t get elected I hope those that do be much better than I felt at the time. In short, I hope I’m wrong!

Unfortunately our President has shown he lacks the judgment to choose a Cabinet worthy of support. Appointees whose history and record are so questionable one tends to believe he has to be doing it for some motivation other than the good of our citizens now and in the future. A U.S. House of Representatives led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the very undistinguished Harry Reid. This combined with a Senate led by the likes of a Kennedy band of “let’s look like we are helping the poor and underprivileged so we can all get a stronger and larger voting base to retain our positions and Committee seats”. Thus the passage of the Illegal Alien Act in 2008 and constant support to ACORN now chosen to do the Census for our Government.

I did vote for Bush, not so much for as against his opposition. I then hoped he would do a much better job than he did. Albeit I will always believe he was a puppet to Cheney and a few other prominent powers.

I don’t dislike anyone in so far as their being human but when they are elected, take an oath to uphold the Constitution and Bill of Rights, serve the citizens in a manner consistent with their election platform and promises, defend this country and it’s citizens against any and all enemies, support our fighting men and women in harms way at all times, recognize and help those with real needs (handicapped, physically impaired, veterans, senior citizens) not those who are lazy, use and abuse the system.

Today we can go on and on with issues concerning Americans that need addressing by our elected officials in a responsible, sensible and constructive manner. What we are getting is politics as usual with about as much change as you’d get back buying a gallon of gas with a dollar!

But what do I know!

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