Thursday, April 23, 2009

A poem I wrote for my Kids

DADly Dumb
My greatest joy in this world has to be you, my boys and girls
To know in my own way, the love I found on your birth days
In my heart to forever feel, a more truer love than you fulfill
A Grand’er Father, this I be, through your Mothers love I see
Why every precious moment in someway touches me each day
So special in your own way, joy and tears, your wonder years
Trying my best to help you grow, not always in what I know
For what you feel deep inside is most important in your stride
each step on life’s highway to lift and guide you along the way
I often pray you find amusing why I can be so darn confusing
And just as often why I say, “you kids are raising me every day”
In your heart be understanding of the times I’m so demanding
Emotions I don’t show yet some how, some way you will know
I was not always there at times, this you know in your mind
most important in your heart is how you feel what I support
Times of crisis when I show the love I have to give so you know
a perfect father cannot be said, but the Father I am is your DAD!


  1. Beautiful poem... Thanks for letting me know about it.
    Darren Sproat

  2. Thanks Darren, I also enjoyed reading your blog as well!