Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sovereignty of States

It should be a concern to every taxpaying American that our federal government is no longer by or for the people within the Constitution. Those of us born and raised in Texas have seen our forefathers fight to preserve the freedoms we enjoy (exclude LBJ, not many have figured out what he was thinking except the liberals who enjoyed a bit of recognition during his time as President. Dan Rather, Bill Moyers and a few others behind the scenes). Nor George Bush(more East Cost establishment, Harvard, Princeton, Yale and Cheney puppeteer, than true Texas). Many think ill of the oil and gas business and only see the profits of the major oil companies not the hardworking independents that provide more jobs, better schools, pay more taxes and help the local economies of countless cities and counties in our State. Yes, Texas has undergone change as many have chosen to move here and call it home. We welcome those who genuinely believe in hardwork and earning a living, not something for nothing just because you are a minority. To those that work the system in their favor I suggest strongly you learn English, skill and get a job. We have a great number of hardworking, God loving Latinos(Mexicans) in our State and we always welcome them but again suggest they do all they can to be legally working here. Any group, organization or person that thrives on stirring up hatred, divisiveness or any other form of negative propaganda needs to reevaluate their priorities and do what’s best for all not just a few. Party Politics isn’t good for anyone except politicians therefore take time to study those you chose to support, know their voting record, observe and read between the lines as to their true motivation. We have some good people who start out in politics with great intentions only to be waylaid by their own party as to their political future. If and when they compromise their principles to gain political power, position or favor they are on the road to the will of the Party not the People!

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