Thursday, April 16, 2009

Texas Hold'em

There’s this game start’d years ago, some say, right near San Antonio
Others claim it was more out west, Midland, Odessa or San Angelo
No matter where originally seen, today it’s play’d on yo’re t.v. screen
Variety of folks now enjoy what started with just’a few good ole boys
This game, back then, weren’t just for fun, most of’em carried a gun
Winners, cheaters could get hurt, often find’em face down in the dirt
Gamblers then weren’t about fame, take’n yo’re money was their game
Some were good, some were bad but one thang in common they all had
Read your eyes, any twitch in your play, test’n yo’re grit in every way
Benny Binion had a plan so in 1970 the “World Series of Poker” began
A few of his gambling friends made a decision to expose it on television
What Benny, the boys, start’d at the old “Horseshoe” just grew and grew
In the game ole Kenny weren’t wrong, hold’em or fold’em in his song
Today, what ya see on t.v., ain’t even close to what or how it used to be
Cameras watch’n every hand, all the players cards to raise, fold or stand
Ya just know some of the ole players grin, watch’n how some try to win
players like Doyle now teach, he’s gotta be think’n you silly somebeach
Them antics might look good on t.v. but winning ain’t bout what they see
Going “all in” before the flop, ya jest might find yourself push’n a mop
Ya see there’s da turn and da river so going all in might make ya shiver
Ya got no more chips to play, your stuck, other callers to bet their way
Ya see this game ain’t bout terminology, it’s psychology in pokeology
Course time’n and luck play there part but to the end ya best play smart
or ego as confidence you display’d might be a big part of what ya say
Watch’n as yo’re jaw drops to da floor, hear’n someone say hit da door
The real winners quietly show, it ain’t what ya say, it’s what ya know
Losing at times ain’t a lot when there’s always gonna be a bigger pot
Another game, another hand, know’n deep inside YOU are the MAN!!

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